Vitascope Media is devoted to distributing DVD compilations of cutting edge independent film and video works.  DVDs produced by Vitascope Media contain bold, inspired works created by filmmakers that work outside of the conventional Hollywood system.   Vitascope media seeks to provide independent filmmakers with exposure to mainstream audiences that ordinarily may not have been available to them.  It is our commitment to promote innovative works that drives Vitascope Media.

The Vitascope was the first mass produced motion picture projector.  It was originally known as the Phantoscope, developed by Thomas Armat and C. Francis Jenkins in 1895. The rights to the Phantoscope were quickly purchased by The Kinetoscope Company, which subsequently approached Thomas Edison to finance the manufacture of the device.  Edison agreed to manufacture the machine and to produce films for it on the condition that it would be advertised as his creation and called the “Vitascope”.  Although Edison abandoned it in favor of the Kinetoscope shortly after its first theatrical exhibition, the Vitascope effectively launched projected motion pictures as a screen novelty in the United States.

Vitascope Media was founded by Alvin Larkins Jr, former Associate Director of the Black Maria Film and Video Festival from 1999 to 2007.
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